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Stick packaging machines

Omag srl is engaged in the design and manufacture of packaging machinery Stick


stick-packaging-machinesStick packaging machines manufactured by Omag srl are ideal for producing single-dose sachets commonly used for stick-pack products in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

Omag stick packaging machines are specially designed for granular products (sugar, salt, pepper, ground spices, soluble food and pharmaceutical mixtures and solutions, etc.), food products and liquid or cream cosmetics (oil, vinegar, drinks, sauces, perfumes, lotions, creams, shampoo, balsam, mud packs, etc.), food, pharmaceutical and nutritional products in pills and tablets (candy, lozenges, capsules, ovules, soft gels, pills, etc.).

Omag stick packaging machines (series CS and DIVA) all feature specific filling and dosage systems (cup, auger, injection or counters), allowing for the packaging of a wide range of products in a stick-pack format, sealed on three sides.

Machine operation is completely automatic, from the forming of the packet in the desired size and model (customizable according to the end customer’s specifications), to the subsequent product filling in the correct quantity, film sealing on three sides, cutting and separation of each individual sachet. Stick packaging machines manufactured by Omag srl are economical, technologically advanced, and designed using ideal materials, such as stainless steel for parts in contact with the product, guaranteeing a longer machine lifetime.


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