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  • Pharmaceutical packaging machines

Pharmaceutical packaging machines

Omag srl is engaged in the design and manufacture of pharmaceutical packaging machines


High-level technology used by Omag srl to manufacture pharmaceutical packaging machines and complete production lines for packaging of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, adopting high qualitative production standards, guarantee that each and every packaging machine meets the specific needs of customers not just in the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors, but in the herbal and cosmetics industries as well.

In fact, Omag manufactures a wide range of versatile pharmaceutical packaging machines (series C3 and CS) that are designed in conformity with GMP standards, and equipped with numerous accessories to satisfy different production requirements.



Food and Drug Administration logoPeriodic operating tests and inspections ensure high production standards (guaranteeing safety, cleanliness and attention to detail) and fully respecting FDA regulatory standards, particularly regarding materials used for the manufacturing of parts on packaging machines for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics coming in direct contact with products on the packaging line, thereby guaranteeing safety, cleanliness and attention to detail.

All machines are managed via a user interface that features an easy to use touch screen panel. In addition, all pharmaceutical packaging machines can be equipped with IQ-OQ validation protocols, drawn up according to the validation requirements stipulated under FDA21CFR part 11.



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OMAG in over 40 years has developed pharmaceutical packaging line able to package the extended variety of products ranging from powders and granular products, liquids, creams and paste products both for the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

To meet the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical sector, we have developed a packaging machines for pharmaceutical industry that can handle 4 side sealed or stick pack format sachets.

We produce also pharmaceutical tablet packaging machines, pharmaceutical blister packaging machines and pharmaceutical sachet packing machine.


Our leading machinery:

PHARMASTICK CS: pharmaceutical stick packaging machine

pharma stick

The vertical intermittent motion machine for the stick pack sealed sachets packaging has a compact design, so called with "balcony", the absence of external cabling and mechanical components meet the GMP standards. The user-friendly design of the machine permits the operator to access components with easy and facilitate its cleaning.

>> See our Pharmastick CSJunior PDF

PHARMASACHET C3: pharmaceutical sachet packaging machine

sachetc3The vertical intermittent motion machine for the sachet packaging has a user-friendly design 4 different dosing systems: multi-lane auger filler, oscillating dosing cups, filling system for liquid and tablets feeding system. It's avalaible also a complete sachet packaging line form medium and high speed production.

>> See our Pharmasachet C3 PDF

PHARMASTRIP C3: pharmaceutical strip packaging machine


Vertical continuous motion machine for packaging of the 4 side sealed single-dose strip sachets. The machine is equipped with different supply systems, manual, with automatic separators, in line with the top-load filler container, and has OCR encoding and control groups or groups for controlling and barcode or pharmacode reading. The machine can be a part of a packaging line with filling machine with the top-load container and counting, grouping and transfer to the cartoner modules.

>> See our Pharmastrip PDF


Pharmastick CS10 volumetric filler complete line

Pharmasachet C3 6 auger filler Complete line




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