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  • Pouch and Sachet packaging machines
  • Single-dose packaging machines

  • CG Packaging machines

CG Packaging

Intermittent-motion carousel packaging machine

The CG 01 packaging machine uses plain or printed prefabricated paper bags, with side folds or flat, and also in pre-formed Doypack and stand-up versions.

The machine can also work with bags in heat-sealable materials like paper/polythene, paper/aluminium and PET/aluminium laminates.

Bags are collected individually from a horizontal store, and are then opened and filled.

After filling they are stretched, glued, closed and date-stamped.

The CG 01 is fitted with:

  • filling units, allowing two different products to be batched, or if high product quantities are to be batched, this can be done in two stages;
  • an exceptional variety of formats, with quick and easy format changes;
  • heat-sealing units available for production with heat-sealable materials;
  • pre-fitted for combination with reel pack-former machines for double bag production.




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