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  • Pouch and Sachet packaging machines
  • Single-dose packaging machines

  • Vertical continuous-motion machine

CO Packaging

Horizontal intermittent motion machine

The Mod. CO 150 horizontal packaging machine uses intermittent motion to package a solid, powdery, granular, liquid and pasty products in heat-sealed bags on 3 and 4 sides, including in DOY-PACK and STAND-UP versions, for different pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical and food sectors.

The machine is managed completely electronically. Handling operations are guaranteed by brushless servomotors and mechanical cams.

A large 8-inch touch screen operator interface provides the CO 150 packaging machine with extreme flexibility in filling a variety of different products and bag formats, whether single or double, sealed with vertical perforations, and on 1 and 2 packaging lanes. A wide range of accessories are available: cap and zip applications, "V" tear-notch, variable data coding, inert CO2 gas injection for product preservation – all can be custom designed on request.

The CO features an innovative and essential design. Filler and bag forming units are set in a tiered formation with respect to the machine base, facilitating its operation and responding to GMP and FDA standards.



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