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  • Customized packaging machine
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OMAG was founded around 40 years ago.


By 4 friends in their early twenties with a common vision, a passion for mechanics and a garage.
Their curiosity and desire to innovate was such that they often even stayed up nights to give life to their dream: they thus engineered their very first single roll packaging machine for processing bags with centred printing at the front and back of the package.

Today, our sense of wonder and desire to build new projects “customized around the needs of our customers” is as much alive as it was back then.

At OMAG this is what we believe in, and our philosophy can be summed up in the credo: “FLEXIBILITY IN PACKAGING”.

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Flexibility is what allows us to satisfy the specific requests of each of our customers: from product tests on our machines to find optimal solutions together, to designing, assembling and simulating actual packaging lines at our production facilities, a process that leads to an accurate “implementation”.


Flexibility is also what allows us to operate in close contact with customers, providing added VALUE to your products.


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