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Who we are

OMAG: expertise, skill and innovation

At OMAG, our strength undoubtedly lies in our ability to respond to our customers’ needs with unparalleled expertise, skill, care and innovation, proposing the finest solutions at every turn.

With forty years of experience in the packaging industry, OMAG has acquired a unique knowhow.

From the spirit of craftsmanship that gave birth to our company, we’ve inherited the capacity to listen to our customers and adapt to their needs, in order to provide them with a “customized” product that is reliable, accurate, flexible and robust, capable of reducing maintenance times to a minimum and optimizing productivity.


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Our primary goal at OMAG is your complete all-round satisfaction. With a continuity that has been handed down from one generation to the next, in designing machinery and packaging lines we can count on a daily exchange between “the old and the new”, between the wisdom of experience and the desire to innovate, offering high precision products that are increasingly more elaborate, customized and highly efficient.

We establish and promote continuous dialogue between customers and our team of managers, creators, designers and specialized technicians, all in a climate of collaboration and productive exchange. Our technical department makes use of the most advanced three-dimensional design software and numerical control mechanical tooling systems, capable of machining every single piece on the machines, thereby guaranteeing a high level of flexibility in managing resources.

This is OMAG: evolution and flexibility, meeting new challenges head on.


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