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  • Stick Packaging Machines
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  • Vertical continuous-motion machine for stick packaging

CS Packaging

Vertical intermittent-motion machine

This generation of vertical multi-lane intermittent motion machines allows for the packaging of the innovative and modern “stick-packs”, tubular bags that are sealed on three sides.

Providing a pleasant looking presentation and practical use, stick-packs also allow for considerable savings in terms of packing film.

The CS model is a machine designed for packaging a wide range of products: solid, powdery, granular, liquid and pasty, and is employed in a variety of sectors that needs stick packing.

The machine uses a single roll of heat-sealing film, which is pre-cut in the number of packaging lanes.

A tubular sleeve is created out of each strip, and then sealed lengthwise; the horizontal sealing unit forms the stick.

The machine is managed completely electronically; handling operations are guaranteed by brushless servomotors, and a touch screen operator interface allows for high precision, making this machine extremely easy to use. This machine model is produced in versions with 1 to 20 lanes. Special versions can be supplied on specific request.

Innovative design features are the result of advanced technical research; filler and bag forming units are set in a tiered formation with respect to the machine base, facilitating its operation and responding to GMP and FDA standards.


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