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CS-Junior Packaging

Intermittent-motion vertical machine for packaging stick pack formats

CSJunior is the result of our long experience in packaging machines for stick packs, combining all the features of a compact, robust and reliable machine.

The possibility of fitting different types of batchers makes it an extremely versatile machine, suitable for all purposes.

After different laboratory tests for product stability and explore new markets, born the CS-Junior to work with sensitive products that can be packed only in small batches, or for small/medium/large production runs according to needs.

With a full range of modular features and customizable with:

  • a variety of accessories;
  • batcher units,thermal transfer coding devices;
  • laser and ink jet printers;
  • shaped sealers;
  • easy-open closures.

The film folding, sealing and cutting units are easily accessible to the operator, and can be removed and adjusted without the use of tools, for easy and immediate stick format changes.

The balcony design and the limited number of components present ensure that the machine is compact, allowing it to be installed in truly restricted production spaces, without losing productivity and flexibility.





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