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  • Technical support for packaging machinery

Technical support

For OMAG sale represents just the begninning of a collaboration.

For OMAG sale represents just  the beginning of a collaboration that in time will develop into something close and direct, because those who buy OMAG packaging machinery become, in a sense, partners of the company.

During equipment entire lifetime, customer is supported by our experts who advise him on its most appropriate usage, on how to effect the simple actions related to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

OMAG guarantees   assistance service by phone, by e-mail and by Internet remote access, with the support of qualified personnel for both mechanical and electronic issues. Our engineers will guide customer "step by step" in dealing with all kinds of requests.

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Choose the service you need and fill in the form:  a qualified technician will reply within 24 hours:

For immediate technical support HELP
To plan an intervention SERVICE
For defining a training program TRAINING
For ordering spare parts you need SPARE PARTS
To buy a new packaging machine BUY
To discuss a technical topic TECHNICAL FEEDBACK


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