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  • salt packaging machines

Granular packaging machines Granular packaging machines

Single-dose packaging machines for salt and pepper

Omag srl design and manufactures salt packaging machines SALT PACKAGING MACHINES: THE SINGLE DOSE SACHETS Omag srl produces salt packing machines and pepper packing machines in a single-dose sachet, and single-dose packaging machines for granular and powdery food products in both sachets and stick packs. All packaging machines of the Omag production range can be used for this type of pack ...

Sugar packaging machine, sugar sachet packing machine

Omag srl is engaged in the design and manufacture of sugar packaging machine SUGAR PACKAGING MACHINE MANUFACTURER: OMAG DESIGN AND EXPERIENCE Omag srl designs and manufactures packaging machinery for sugar and other granular and powdery food products, such as sweeteners and fructose, in an ideal bar sachet format. Omag has been in the packaging business for many years, and it owes its succe ...

Packaging machines for planting seeds

Omag srl is engaged in the design and manufacture of packaging machines for planting seeds PACKAGING MACHINE FOR PLANTING SEEDS: THE MACHINERY Omag also manufactures the packaging of planting seeds and creates “seedsaver” packages with the use of ad hoc machineries that can also work in line between one another. We’re talking about the “C3/1” model for packages that are heat seale ...


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