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Coffee pod packaging machine

Omag srl produces coffee pod packaging machines Omag designs and produces, for over 40 years, coffee pod packaging machines. Coffee is one of the products that we drink regularly over the day, and it is also one of the most sensitive products in terms of exposure to light and air, in fact, it risks losing the aroma, and own taste. PACKAGING Therefore, the packaging method is very important ...

Tea Powder Packaging Machines for Tea Bag

Omag srl design and manufactures tea powder packaging machines POWDER PACKAGING MACHINES: POWDER PRODUTCS Omag srl designs and manufactures machines for batching and packaging powder products or products in small granules like tea and coffee and other food or pharma products. Over many years of work in the packaging field, Omag has developed long experience in its many areas, with a particu ...

Round tea bag packaging machine, tea pods packaging machine

Omag srl design and manufactures round tea bags packing machine TEA PODS PACKING MACHINES: THE SINGLE DOSE SACHETS Omag has always designed and constructed tea pods packaging machines for powdered and leaf teas, in round tea bags made with paper filters.By request, tea bags can be individually wrapped to ensure greater conservation of aroma and taste, or for marketing reasons.   TEA P ...

Single-dose packaging machines for gelatin powder

Omag srl design and manufactures gelatin powder packing machines GELATIN POWDER PACKING MACHINES: SINGLE DOSE SACHET Omag is a leading company in the design and production of Single-dose packaging machines for various types of product, such as for example powdered preparations with vegetable extracts used to make classic gelatine for use in foods. Depending on the product characteristics, ...

Coffee packaging machines

Omag srl is engaged in the design and manufacture of Coffee packaging machines Omag srl manufactures a range of automatic coffee cup packaging machines specially designed to dispense and package granular food products and flours.   COFFEE PACKAGING MACHINES: THE COFFEE Omag coffee packaging machines ensure the preservation of: coffee beans, ground coffee, coffee in capsules or filte ...


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