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  • Mayonnaise and Ketchup packing machines

Mayonnaise single-dose packaging machine

Omag srl produces single-dose packaging machine for Mayonnaise

Confezionamento Maionese monodose

Omag designs and develops machinery for the Mayonnaise packaging in single-dose sachets since 1973.

The packaging machines developed by Omag-Pack are able to produce single-dose sachets in different formats; each model was designed to meet specific packaging requirements and can mount various multi-track dispensers depending on the product type.

 Some of available formats produced by our packaging machines:

  • 3 or 4 side sealed single-dose sachets
  • Doy-pack format single-dose sachets
  • Stand-up format single-dose sachets
  • Stick Pack single-dose sachets.



The machines suitable for single-dose Mayonnaise packaging are different but all of them mount multi-track dispensers, which, in the case of liquid, dense and semi-dense products packaging, come with Automatic pump dispenser groups. These dispenser groups are used for the packaging of oil and vinegar, ketchup and mayonnaise, sauces and pates, as well as creams, toothpaste and more.

The strong points of our packaging machines are the versatility and sturdiness, in addition to the extreme easiness to use and clean. Indeed, even the dispensers, being equipped with the hopper and dosing tubes with "clamp" connections, make the disassembly and cleaning of the relative pieces much easier.

To pack single-dose sachets of mayonnaise it is possible to choose among different types of machines, which will be customized according to the production requirements, format, size and your needs.

For over 40 years, Omag produces sophisticated automated machines that require, in certain cases, only one operator for the operation supervision; in fact, in most cases, the packaging machines automatically produce three or four sides sealed sachets from a single heat-sealable material reel without requiring any external intervention.

Confezionamento in bustine monodoseThe machine's working speed and the amount of produced sachets per minute depend upon the quantity of used tracks; they can operate at up to 100 cycles per minute, which estimates in 1000 sachets per minute with about 10 tracks used.

Please see the products section, according to your needs:

>> Single-dose Sachet Mayonnaise packaging (C3)

>> Single-dose Stick Pack Mayonnaise packaging (Stick)

>> Single-dose Doypack or Stand-up Mayonnaise packaging (CO)


In the case of primary packaging, innovative and functional solutions, Omag approaches it with experience and professionalism. Vertical and horizontal packaging machines by Omag are used worldwide to pack dense and semi-dense products such as creams, gels, sauces or pâté, liquid condiments or ready-to-use foods, powders and granular products as 3-in-1 mixtures, freeze-dried, medicines, coffee, sugar and more.





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