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  • Mayonnaise and Ketchup packing machines

Ketchup Single-dose packaging machine

Omag srl produces single-dose packaging machine for Ketchup

Ketchup single-dose packaging machine

Omag designs and develops machinery for the Ketchup packing in single-dose sachets since 1973.

The sachet formats that may be produced by Omag packaging machines for Ketchup differ according to individual customer requirements and the type of packed product.
Some of available formats:

  • 3 or 4 side sealed single-dose sachets
  • Doy-pack format single-dose sachets
  • Stand-up format single-dose sachets
  • Stick Pack single-dose sachets.

The Company also produces custom shaped single-dose sachets or other formats, basing on the specific requests, and defining, accordingly, the width and height of the sachet.


The machines are equipped with multi-track dispensers, which differ according to the type of packed product.

For the packaging of single-dose Ketchup, as well as Mayonnaise or other dense and semi-dense sauces, are used automatic dosing Pump groups, equipped with a hopper and dosing tubes with "clamp" connections that allow an optimal dose adjustment and easy removal for cleaning.

The single-dose Ketchup packaging machines vary depending on the package, sachet or stick pack to produce, but all of them manage the process automatically by means of electronics, making them flexible, durable, compact and easy to use.

Omag has created sophisticated machinery that automates most of the processes, without the need of supervision of many operators; the packaging machines, in fact, automatically produce four side sealed sachets starting with a single heat-sealable material reel.

The machine's working speed and the amount of produced sachets per minute depend upon the quantity of used tracks, they can operate at up to 100 cycles per minute, which estimates in 1000 sachets per minute with about 10 tracks in use.

Please see the products section, according to your needs:

>> Single-dose Sachet Ketchup packaging (C3)

>> Single-dose Stick Pack Ketchup packaging (Stick)

>> Single-dose Doypack or Stand-up Ketchup packaging (CO)


Ketchup packaging machine

The single-dose sachets made with Omag Ketchup packaging machines are usable as part of the primary packaging of various products, in addition to dense and semi-dense products they can be liquids, such as condiments (oil and vinegar) or powdery and grainy products (soluble preparations for beverages, milk or instant coffee, 3-in-1 mixes, medicines, etc..).

For each of them, a dedicated configuration was designed and tested, that includes the appropriate dispenser groups and different accessories available on request.





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