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Omag designs and produces, for over 50 years, coffee pod packaging machines and coffee packaging machines.


Coffee is one of the products that we drink regularly over the day, and it is also one of the most sensitive products in terms of exposure to light and air, in fact, it risks losing the aroma, and own taste.


Therefore, the packaging method is very important.

Omag, in research for innovation, has designed complete and customized lines for this industry that forecasts a continuously increasing demand for customized products.

The coffee packaging machine provides packaging into filter paper and double wrapping. This particular model, indeed, accompanied by heat-sealed sachets and stick pack packaging machines supplements the range of packaging services in this sector.

The sachets can be made in square, rectangular or round format and may be supplemented by the inert gas inlet systems.


The machines used for coffee packaging vary according to the needs:

Both machines can be equipped with either multitrack auger dispensers, designed for very powdery and difficult conveyable coffee, or volumetric swing or oscillating tray dispensers for granules or very conveyable coffee powders.

Omag packaging machines are suitable for packaging of numerous types of products, powder and prepared solutions, 3-in-1 mixtures, powdered medicine and more. In addition, by means of the appropriate dispensers, it is possible to package liquid, paste, gel and cream products, but also tablets and objects.



Omag offers to its customers a variety of accessories to complete and customize the packaging machine as follows:

  • inert gas injection groups in order to reduce the presence of oxygen inside the sachets;
  • tracks quantity according to the production needs;
  • possibility to combine in one production line with contemporary automated systems to produce boxes of different types;
  • Tear Notch sealing for easier opening.


Omag can realize customizable packaging able to match different requests.

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