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Industrial synergy for the production of high-quality pharmaceuticals for specific applications.

The story of E-Pharma is quite intense and laced with commitment and synergies, which have always been the cornerstone of its work.
One example of this is certainly the strategic relationship with Omag, that was established over a decade ago. It all started with the purchase of a vertical packaging machine for strips and shortly developed into the supply of an entire packaging range with improved performance.
Within a short time, a new project led E-Pharma to purchase an automatic stick-pack machine, which allowed the company to tackle a new market segment. This new experience soon made it necessary to have a complete line, which more than doubled the productivity.

E-Pharma and Omag have teamed up one more time: the acknowledged value of the industrial partnership with Omag and E-Pharma’s need to grow and expand its production capacity have led to the setting up of a new production department, recently approved by the ministerial authority, which will allow E-Pharma to satisfy its own needs.

This new step forward shows how the needs of E-Pharma have changed during this decade of collaboration, both in terms of the complexity of the equipment supplied and their efficiency and management.
Omag has timely responded to these needs. In addition to the supply of industrial machines, Omag has succeeded in creating an interface between various types of machines, a data management system in line with Industry 4.0 criteria and a new interaction between the operator and the system specifically designed for E-Pharma.
The goals that E-Pharma has set for the future are quite ambitious: to consolidate but, above all, expand its presence in the pharmaceutical sector worldwide. These results will be achieved with an ongoing commitment to research and the supply of high-quality services, with the support of a highly experienced partner with proven competence such as Omag.


The latest single-dose stick line, delivered in the closing months of 2019, guarantees high flexibility in counting and productivity – a crucial requirement for E-Pharma to satisfy the needs of its global customers.
The line is made up of:
– A stick packaging machine on 10 rows, for high productivity levels, developed for packing granular and powdered products;
– A robot-controlled system for transferring the sticks in a line rather than at 90°, making the machine suitable for installation in tight spaces;
– Flexibility in counting and in the transfer (in a random or orderly mode) into cartons, thus reducing the carton size for further savings in the use of materials;
– Machines completely driven by servo motors, so as to significantly reduce the use of compressed air, which ensures greater precision of movements and a high degree of silence during production;
– Easy access and cleaning of the various components thanks to the dosing system fitted on an automatic lifting column. With this system the dosing unit can be brought to a height that is easily accessible by the operator for maintenance and/or cleaning operations;
– Rapid dismantling of parts for format changeover without the aid of tools;
– Weight check for each single stick produced for improved control and accuracy of the dosing operations;
– All-in-one: integration of new-generation laser markers for coding and for creating an easy opening system on sticks, all in a single solution. The implementation allows to reduce costs, since less material is used in the stick;
– Greater reliability thanks to the OCR-OCV vision control through smart cameras installed on each row to check that the stick has been coded;
– Combination with a cartoning machine equipped with a chain with independent trays and a brushless motor.

For Omag it is essential that the customer can rely on the support of a qualified team.
Thanks to remote connection and augmented reality systems, we can easily and quickly connect to customers’ packaging machines (regardless of where they are located) to diagnose their status, record data and statistics and support the customer step-by-step, directly on the packaging machine. Moreover, the company is developing artificial intelligence algorithms for predictive maintenance, so as to prevent potential faults before they arise, as well as unexpected downtime.

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