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Insight into the anniversary party ‘s cadeau t-shirts by Dario Mancini, owner of Antica Fornace Design.

Antica Fornace Design

On the occasion of our 50th anniversary celebration on June 10, all guests were gifted with a very special cadeau: a limited-edition, custom-made set of fantastic T-shirts commemorating our 50th anniversary celebration.

Three different graphics and colors to represent three meaningful steps: birth, past and present.

And the future? That’s another story we can’t wait to tell you, but let’s proceed in order.

It was created by Dario Mancini, owner, mind and hand of Antica Fornace Design: starting from images and stories about the company, he managed to capture its essence and transform it into graphic representation. For more than 10 years Dario has been running his workshop and shop in Morciano di Romagna where he commercializes his wonderful t-shirts with original graphics, designed by his creative mind and 100% made in Romagna.

But let’s go into the details of the three graphics:

Birth: WORKSHOP 1973

Officina 1973

The illustration is inspired by Omag’s first headquarters in Gabicce Mare. A small garage characterized by the word OFFICINA, drawn under a masonry canopy, typical of 1960s/70s construction.

Fifty years have passed since that day: the passion for this work is the beacon that still guides us today.

The Omag logo is one of the first historical logos. The graphic style is advertising style with the use of typographic screens.

The first workshop, the first machine…this is home.

This is where everything was born.

“The addition of phone contact, address etc. recalls the small-publishing banner ads often used in local newspapers for promotional purposes or event sponsorships. A classic from those years” explains Dario Mancini of Antica Fornace Design.



The idea behind the illustration was to take the logos of the 1970s/80s and create a design with a garage/workshop style. The words “Automatic Constructions” was the company’s first payoff.

Giovanni Nocita, sales and marketing director of Omag, tells “OMAG was born right in a typical workshop, in Gabicce Mare, from the common dream of four friends with a passion for mechanics. The stylized welding roller, already present in the first versions of the logo, is a recurring element in all past and future versions of the OMAG logo, up to the current extreme stylization in the four red squares.”



It is a phrase that has become famous from Joel Embiid, NBA player for the Philadelphia 76ers.

He constantly repeated it in interviews and it soon became a shared motivational slogan, a mantra.

Growth is hard and it takes trust, in those who are leading you, in those who are accompanying you, and in the future.

The silhouette of the Omag machine is the perfect summary of that Process, made up of research, care and synergy, at the end of which you get what everything was designed and built for.

“The meaning of this phrase is great, it is powerful” explains Giovanni Nocita, “It is important to fall in love with the process, with the how, with what needs to be done to get to the goal, with the small efforts of each day, with the part that is made up of the everyday, the hard work, the sacrifices, and that is never told.”

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