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Omag S.p.A. dedicates to Honey packaging machines in single-dose sachet.


Omag is a leading company in the design and production of single-dose sachets packaging machines, suitable for different types of liquid, dense and pasty products such as honey in single-dose.

Honey packaging process can be done in various formats according to the needs of the manufacturing company; Omag, in fact, is able to design, according to the requirements, different types of machinery, suitable for the assembly of:

  1. Three or four side heat-sealed single-dose sachets
  2. Single-dose sachets in stick pack format
  3. Doypack or stand-up format sachets

These last are more suitable for the packaging of other food types, such as dehydrated soups, powdered preparations for drinks, and more. Thus, Omag is able to configure and personalize every packaging machine according to the packaging desired by the customer and the production expectations.


Omag has developed several lines of vertical and horizontal packaging machines, with continuous and intermittent motion, eligible for both food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, and the main ones are:




Honey packaging machine in single-dose sachet is usually processed by C3 series vertical packing machines, equipped with pump dispenser group for liquid and pasty products. The hopper and dosing tubes come with “clamp” connections to facilitate the disassembly and the cleaning, therefore facilitating the maintenance by the operator.

This type of machinery is also suitable for the packaging of many types of products, starting from sauces as ketchup and mayonnaise in single-dose, to condiments like oil and vinegar, together with salt, pepper, sugar, sweetener sachets or whatsoever.

Depending on the packaged product, we have to request several types of dispensers (volumetric for granular products, auger for those powdery or special rotating tables for the tablets) and we require a machine with a variable number of tracks.

The machine, indeed, works automatically begin with a single reel of heat-sealed material, which is divided according to the number of required tracks and then used to produce the single-dose sachets.

The C3 series is produced with 1 to 20 tracks working rolls up to 1200mm.


All the machines are projected to perform their work in an automatic or semi-automatic mode in order to minimize operator’s intervention.

He, in effect, has to set thE initial settings through the control panel and then supervise the proper functioning of the machine.

The panel features a simple icon interface, clear and intuitive, accessible through the touch screen panel; in fact, it is enough to use your finger to access all the features of the packaging machine.

Omag has always paid attention to the needs of the customers and, therefore, creates machinery with easy access for cleaning and materials change, with intuitive interfaces and programs, carefully developed to exclude long processing pauses and reduce waste materials.

The machines are designed for packaging rooms, even for those of reduced sizes and all the models are compact and functional to suit the production requirements.

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