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Omag relies on a leading partner such as Nuovamacut to explore the world of additive manufacturing.

Omag progettazione UT

3D printing over the past few years has developed enormously, effectively moving from the role of a rapid prototyping tool to a full-fledged means of production.

At first, the intention was to focus on small printers to make prototypes and make the R&D process faster and more efficient, thanks to the ability to test quickly what was designed via CAD. The idea then developed further and Omag thus decided to opt for a machine that could cope with even small production.

Not just prototypes but real machine components, in some cases difficult to produce with the classic tools available.

Three main objectives:


To increase the flexibility of production and to be able to offer increasingly customized solutions, meeting the specific customers’ needs.


To realize solutions and components that would otherwise be difficult to produce, which could be designed, manufactured and finally installed on packaging machines even in one day.


Reducing the production costs of certain components, balancing this goal with the company’s mission to produce custom-made automatic packaging machines.

Omag confezionatrici automatiche additive manufacturing



The vacuum group is a patented system used for products with poor flowability to create a vacuum inside the dosing tubes for powders. The group is connected to each feeding tube by reschets and rubber hoses.

Previously, the vacuum unit was made by assembling multiple stainless steel and aluminum components.

Using HP MJF 3D printing technology, the vacuum assembly was redesigned and then fully printed as a single component requiring no assembly operation.

Vacuum system



Being able to test certain components early in the design phase has enabled Omag to reduce waste and discarded components due to design errors.

In addition, the work of re-designing parts previously made from metal materials and through subtractive technologies has also reduced scrap production.



Nuovamacut is part of the TeamSystem Group and is among the most important companies in Italy in the field of technologies supporting business processes: from product design and development to production and 3D printing. Nuovamacut is present on the Italian territory with 9 offices and counts on the professionalism of a team of 160 people. In partnership with HP, of which they are first partner 3D Printing Specialist, Sales and Servicing, they offer industrial 3D printers to produce prototypes and functional parts.

Want to learn more? Click here to read the full case study.

“The idea of introducing additive manufacturing in OMAG stems from what has always been the company’s philosophy: to look to the future and adopt innovative solutions in order to be able to offer customers an increasingly tailored, versatile and technologically advanced product,” says Roberto Crisanti, Mechanical Engineer in OMAG

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