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Omag S.p.A. produces Pharmaceutical packaging machines. Discover all about Omag solution for Pharma packing.



Omag designs and produces machine for pharma packaging, in tablets, capsules, blisters, sachets and other.

The packaging in the pharmaceutical sector is governed by strict regulations, which impose safety, cleanliness and accuracy parameters alongside with extremely high quality, aimed to protect the consumer / end user.

However, it is important that the packaging is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing therefore Omag realized technologically sophisticated pharmacy packaging machines, with innovative processes and particular attention to the requirements of the Pharmaceutical industry.

It should be, however, specified that the level and requirements of the food market are moving even more closer to those of the pharmaceutical market.


The Pharmaceutical packing machines created by Omag are carefully designed to meet the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry; the extreme reliability of machinery is meant as production repeatability of compliant packaging.

Another important advantage of our packaging machines is the ease of cleaning and sanitizing of the same, such design allows preventing contamination of the packaged product with external agents; this is achieved thanks to the ease of disassembly and reassembly of all the parts that require washing between the packaging of two different lots.



OMAG produces pharmaceutical packaging machines and sell them all over the world; therefore, it must respect the guidelines for obtaining the CE marking and comply with regulations in force for all the other markets.

A dedicated team is focused on checking that the packaging machinery for medicine and other products, complies with the GMP and GAMP5 guidelines. Moreover, they are accompanied by a series of documents helpful to check that the machines comply with all the URS requests from the client during the initial phase (FAT-IQ-OQ).



OMAG in over 40 years has developed the machines able to package the extended variety of products ranging from powders and granular products, liquids, creams and paste products, tablets and capsules both for the food and pharmaceutical sphere.

To meet the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical sector, we have developed a pharmaceutical industry packaging line that can handle 4 side sealed or stick pack format sachets.



The vertical intermittent motion machine for the stick pack sealed sachets packaging has a compact design, so called with “balcony”, the absence of external cabling and mechanical components meet the GMP standards. The user-friendly design of the machine permits the operator to access components with easy and facilitate its cleaning.

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Vertical continuous motion machine for packaging of the 4 side sealed single-dose strip sachets. The machine is equipped with different supply systems, manual, with automatic separators, in line with the top-load filler container, and has OCR encoding and control groups or groups for controlling and barcode or pharmacode reading. The machine can be a part of a packaging line with filling machine with the top-load container and counting, grouping and transfer to the cartoner modules.

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All Omag machines for Pharmaceutical sector are customizable.

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