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Omag produces single-dose Sachet and Stick pack machines.

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Packaging of own products in single-dose format has many advantages over traditional packaging; these small sachets, in fact, besides the practicality of reduced size, make it possible to avoid losing any product excess, retain their fragrance until the moment of use, are comfortable to carry during the day and are essential in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics sphere.

The ongoing process of innovation by Omag of the design of packaging machines for primary packaging stimulated the development of brand-new products that meet the growing demands of the market. Indeed, the single-dose sachets packaging machine includes various available formats that, according to the demands, can be adapted to proper needs.


The single-dose sachet packaging machines (C3 and CO series) are horizontal or vertical packaging machines that can produce 3 or 4 sides sealed sachets, strip, doy-pack style sachets, stand-up, alongside with shaped or pre-formed sachets.

The packaging of 4 sides sealed single-dose sachets, such as these in the picture, as well as many other packaging processes, begin with a film reel that is cut according to required dimensions, thus forming several rows that reach more than 100 cycles per minute.
The number of working tracks depends also on the size of the machine, for example for the C3 vertical packaging machine it may use 1 to 20 tracks that process reels up to 1200mm.

Machines by Omag have a fully electronic control, managed by a simple touch screen user interface that allows reaching a high-precision processing and ease of use for the operator.




The stick pack packaging is performed with 3 sides heat-sealed film, this revolutionary format allows to create three sides sealed tubular bags.

Such format, furthermore being aesthetically pleasing, allows a notable ease of use and wrapping material saving. For the single-serving stick packaging is used a single heat-sealed film reel that is cut according to the number of tracks of the packaging machine.

For the single-dose stick pack packaging, Omag realizes the vertical CS packaging machine available with 1 to 20 tracks, the vertical DIVA packaging machine of smaller size and price, which is produced with 1 to 5 tracks. Further, there is available CSJunior packaging machine, very compact and reliable, created to manage sensitive products that are packaged in small batches.

The film folding, the sealing and cutting groups are easily accessible by the operator, in order to remove or adjust them without the use of tools, and, therefore, make the stick format switch simple and instant.

Which products can be packaged?

The packaging into single-dose sachets, whatever is the format, is suitable for a wide range of products: starting with powdery or granular products such as coffee, cappuccino, yeast or liquids and dense as mayonnaise, ketchup and honey for the food sector; powders, liquids, creams and tablets for the pharmaceutical sector; shampoos, creams and powders for the cosmetics sector; washing powders or liquids, detergents, mosquito repellent refills and other for the chemical industry.

The single dose format is required for many products, just think of the use of packaged products in the coffeehouses, or in the kitchen, or as the samples, testers and all the medicines.


If there are special requirements or need for packaging of objects or individual pieces, it is possible to request customized special dispensers.

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