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Ipack-Ima 2018 - Report

Ipack-Ima 2018 in Milan

Ipack-Ima 2018, event specializing in food and non-food processing and packaging has just closed down and we are very excited about the success of this 24th edition.

As announced, for this event we introduced a great news that combines stick-pack machines technology and sachet machine style to pack into 4-side sealed sachets;

New C3i, Vertical Intermittent Motion Packaging Machine on 12 lanes, ideal to pack liquid products into 4-side sealed sachets and equipped with pump dosing system, Gemu valves and shut-off system.

But that is not all; two successful packaging machines has been shown too:

 •  Vertical Intermittent Motion Machine Mod. CS/10, 10 lanes,  volumetric dosing system to pack granules into stick-pack, dedicated to Pharmaceutical Industry;

 •  Vertical Intermittent Motion Machine Mod. CS-Junior, 1 lane, made for laboratory tests and pharmaceutical product stability.

Ideal to work with sensitive products that can be pack only in small batches or for low production run requirements.

Easy format change to modify the stick width and possibility to install different dosing systems, for powdery and liquid products. 



It is a pleasure to meet you on these events, shake your hands and let you see closer our packaging machines. 

Thank you all and see you in the next edition of Ipack-Ima!



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