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UPDATE COVID-19. Omag official communication

Omag comunicazione COVID-19
Omag confirms its operation in compliance with the health and safety orders for the containment of COVID-19.


Omag confirms its operations as essential manufacturers and supplier of automatic machines, spare parts and strategic services to support customers belonging to the pharmaceutical and agri food chain, in compliance with the Decree issued on March 22nd 2020 

All the health and safety measures, which the company had already activated in previous weeks by promoting remote collaboration, smart-working and encouraging the use of videoconferencing, thus limiting access to the company and presence only of those employees necessary to guarantee the above services, remain in place to protect the health of our employees and collaborators.

The remote support team is fully operative to help our customers who may need immediate assistance.

All of the above is meant to better protect our business, our employees and our customers.


To read the complete communication click on the following link:

IT: Aggiornamento Covid-19. Comunicazione ufficiale Omag

EN: Update Covid-19. Omag official communication

FR: Mise à jour Covid-19. Communication officielle Omag

RU: Covid-19 обновление. Официальное сообщение от компании Омаг



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