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  • Batcher units
  • Batcher units for packaging machine
  • Batcher for sachet packaging machine

  • Fillers for Packing Machine
  • Automatic Batcher Unit
  • Semi-automatic Batcher Unit
  • Batching Systems for Packing Machine


Automatic and semi-automatic batcher units

The professionalism with which our company has always worked, constantly ready to accept the challenge of constant technological evolution, is an important factor that has allowed us to consolidate the market presence of Omag in the sector of batching and packaging in bags and stick packs for a wide range of products.

Omag offers all its experience in the supply not only of packaging machines, but also of stand-alone batching systems to be combined with packaging solutions other than sachets and stick packs, like for example heat-formed trays, jars and containers in general, or fitted to benchtops to provide semi-automatic solutions for users needing to make small production runs or product samples.


Polverosi Granulari Liquidi Pastosi / Gel Compresse specialanim
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