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  • Pouch and Sachet packaging machines
  • Single-dose packaging machines

Sachet Packaging

Integrated solutions for packaging sachets. Packaging machines and complete lines.


When we think of heat-sealed sachets on 4 sides, the classic sugar pouch used in restaurants and bars immediately comes to mind. This is OMAG’s area of expertise, with countless sugar packaging machines distributed worldwide. In actual fact, sachets can be used for packaging a wide range of products: coffee, cappuccino, yeast, mayonnaise, ketchup, as well as pharmaceutical powders, tablets, shampoo and creams. We also package individual items in pouches, such as single doses of eyewash or screws.

C3 Packaging

C3 Packaging The C3 is a vertical continuous motion machine. The C3 is a continuous motion machine that allows for the packaging of heat-sealed sachets on four sides. The C3 model...

CP Packaging

CP Packaging The CP is an intermittent motion vertical machine. The CP is an intermittent motion vertical machine, for the packaging of heat-sealed sachets on four sides, with...

CO Packaging

CO Packaging Horizontal intermittent motion machine The Mod. CO 150 horizontal packaging machine uses intermittent motion to package a solid, powdery, granular, liquid and pasty...

CG Packaging

CG Packaging Intermittent-motion carousel packaging machine The CG 01 packaging machine uses plain or printed prefabricated paper bags, with side folds or flat, and also in...


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