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SACHET Packaging Machines

Discover all the features of our sachet packaging machines:

  1. Omag C3 10 Dosing system adjustment
  2. Omag C3 10 Cleaning of dosing unit
  3. Omag C3 10 Reel replacement
  4. Omag Sachet C3 8 freeze dried coffee complete line
  5. Omag C3 6 Lifting system for auger assembly
  6. Omag C3 6 Cleaning of dosing units
  7. Omag Sachet C3 4 auger filler robot complete line
  8. Omag Sachet machine C3 4 auger filler



Pharmaceutical Packaging Machines

Pharmastick CS10 volumetric filler complete line

Pharmastick CS12 granular product complete line

Pharmasachet C3 10 granular filler

Pharmasachet C3 6 auger filler Complete line



STICK Packaging Machines

Discover all the features of our Stick Pack packaging machines:

  1. Omag CS 10 sample check weighing
  2. Omag CS 10 laser coding unit
  3. Omag CS 10 easy cleaning and accessibility
  4. Omag CS 10 variable data control by Smartcamera
  5. Omag CS 10 cleaning of dosing unit
  6. Omag stick CS10 3in1 filler complete line
  7. Omag stick CS14 auger filler complete line



Other videos of our Packaging machines

Omag Eye Drop Sachet Complete line

Omag horizontal doypack machine CO150

Ipack Ima interview to Roberto Filippucci, Omag

Omag rooibos tea sachet machine

Omag CS14




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