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Today we have a chat with Chiara, who is responsible for everything related to the technical documentation of Omag packaging machines. Despite her young age, she plays a very important role and, as you will find out from the interview, Chiara is a determined girl who puts commitment and dedication into any project she undertakes, from dancing to validation testing: success is guaranteed.

Name: Chiara D’angelo

Class: 1992

Origin: Pescara

Chiara loves her two little dogs, a mongrel and a dachshund. Her favorite dish, of course, is arrosticini.

Chiara, tell us a little bit about your department. What do you deal with?

The documentation department is responsible for writing all the documentation accompanying the packaging machine. It is not just about «writing a manual» but following the whole development of the machine: from how it is conceived, then designed and manufactured to getting the finished product: the pouch.

From the first to the last step there is a world composed of manuals, operation diagrams and procedures.

In addition to the more «standard» documentation, I also take care of the more practical part, such as machine validation and qualification, risk analysis and writing technical files.

The great thing about the documentation department is that it allows us to get hands-on in several areas: that of safety with risk analyses to assess whether all the functions of the machine have been designed with the safety of the operator who is going to use it, but also software, electrical and mechanical to verify all the operations performed by the machine.

All this is reflected in the IQ and OQ validation tests written according to the GAMP5 guidelines.

Our department also deals with certifications. We have the task of analyzing and verifying whether the components chosen and installed on the packaging machine are suitable for contact with the specific product and, once suitability is established, issuing a declaration of conformity.

It is a developing department: at first it consisted only of me, for two years now I have been joined by Antonietta and in the near future new hires are planned.


Tell us something about yourself. How long have you been here in Omag and how did you get here?

I am originally from Pescara but moving from home has never been a problem for me.

I went to college at Ancona Polytechnic University, and while during my bachelor’s degree I had an apartment there, for my master’s degree I commuted back and forth from home every day. I had been commuting since I was 16 years old for a competitive sport, standard dances or more commonly known as partner dances. From Monday to Friday, I used to get out of school and board the train to Ancona, practice and catch the train back to Pescara. I was one of Trenitalia’s most loyal customers!

Saturday and Sunday then were dedicated to competitions. It was quite a commitment but I really enjoyed it: I won both regional and national championships and made it to the semifinals at a couple of international competitions.

Now the scenery has changed: I live in Pesaro, only 15 minutes away from work!

When I got out of university, I started looking for a job, and through word of mouth, after a few months I was at Omag in the documentation department, which was a completely new field for me, both in terms of duties and industry.

I come from a mechanical background, and it was a bit of a challenge at first, but studying, knowing and learning never scared me; on the contrary, it has always been the driving force for me, both in my studies and in sports. With determination and hard work you can do anything.

Working in the documentation department is a continuous learning. I have the opportunity to range and learn in different areas, for example even in software where I slowly learned how to read a program and understand what it wants to execute.


Is there a particular project that you have been involved in that you remember vividly?

In five years of projects I have followed many, from food to pharmaceuticals, through nutraceuticals and cosmetics.

The most interesting and comprehensive ones, however, are related to the pharmaceutical sector because they require so much attention, the sector having very stringent regulations and thorough controls. There are so many manuals and documents to be produced, and they have to be drafted according to current directives covering the functional specifications of the machine, the IQ-OQ validation part, all the way to the production of technical documentation, manuals, schematics and certificates of conformity at the level of safety and materials used.

My favorite projects are with a couple of international customers in Italy and France. What I have enjoyed most is that I have worked side by side with the customer both during the FAT here in Omag and to their plant to help them qualify the machine. Usually I work behind a desk while here I was able to actually see on the machine that what I write is reality.

A few months ago, in collaboration with IT, the new My-O portal was launched. Can you explain it in a few words?

I have really enjoyed following the birth and implementation of this portal, My-O. It is a proper reserved area for our registered customers where they can access all the documentation of the machine they purchased and explore its 3Ds, not only of the packaging machine as an aggregate but also of the individual components. In this way, it is also possible to focus on the component, see the exact position where it is mounted on the packaging machine and, if necessary, put it «in the cart» to send a request managed directly by the department in charge, which in a short time sends an offer to the customer.

In addition, the digitization of manuals and all accompanying machine documentation — from classic manuals to the various qualification and certification packages — makes it possible to significantly reduce paper production by making everything available to the customer in one virtual location.

All of this streamlines parts request times and ensures smarter communication with the customer.

We thank Chiara for sharing with us some more information about the new My-O portal and telling us how her department handles all the technical documentation accompanying the machine.

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