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Omag, sustainability for the whole life cycle

A great project in cooperation with a great partner. Click here to watch the video: Omag, sustainability for the whole life cycle We have always focused on performance and flexibility, now we decided to push ourselves towards a new goal: sustainability. Together with Schneider Electric we traced the sustainability profile of our packaging machines, assessing their impact throughout the life cyc ...

UPDATE COVID-19. Omag official communication

Omag продолжает свою активную деятельность в полном соответствии с правилами техники безопасности и охраны здоровья по сдерживанию распространения COVID-19. Подтверждаем, что наша деятельность, как производителя и поста ...

READY FOR DELIVERY. Packaging machine for hand sanitizer gel

Packaging machine mod. CP for sachets.  In stock and ready for delivery packaging machine with sealing plates mod. CP on two packaging lanes for hand sanitizer gel into 4 side sealed sachets. For futher information please contact us:   tel.: +39.0541 950854 e-mail: commerciale@omag-pack.com   Here you can see a video of the machine at work: www.youtube.com/co ...



30. 06. 20
A great project in cooperation with a great...

25. 03. 20
Omag продолжает свою...

18. 03. 20
Packaging machine mod. CP for sachets.  In...


15. 03. 20
Moscow, 25-28 January 2022 Due to the spread of...

16. 03. 20
Дюссельдорф, 25 февраль -...

04. 05. 20
Bologna, 18-21 March Omag will exhibit...

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